Anxiety unable to sleep

I have this funny feeing as I'm dozing off kind of hard to explain its like a falling and tingling sensation and it keeps me from completely falling asleep. My breathing gets even more shallow plus I get cotton mouth! I've been laying down now since 830 and here I am still awake! Anyone else deal with something similar? And how do you help it?

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  • Yes. I feel like I'm having mini panic attacks while I'm sleeping. I get that tingling feeling and just feel generally uneasy. I have found an app that you can listen to and it relaxes you and puts you to sleep! Let me know if your interested

  • Anything that helps! Thank you for responding

  • Go to the App Store and type in meditation. I have really enjoyed it. Very comforting.

  • I find that breathing meditation helps alot, it helps with overthinking and puts you in a better place. Highly recomend it, hope it helps you too xx

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