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I have been in constant pain for the last few weeks and am waiting for blood test result, I don't expect them to show anything but I feel I can't stand this pain much longer, I do have Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, H.B.P., for which I have medication, but taking extra pain killers do not help, is there are way to relieve my chronic pain, without drugs, feel I have tried everything, thanks Alys

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I am sorry you are suffering so much , been in so much pain affects us in so many ways including feeling we are in a state of feeling anxious all the time

Have you asked your Doctor about been referred to Pain management , maybe you already have but just a thought

Also if you look in the Directory on HU where you can find all the communities you will see there is a community called Fibro Action , I think it is called & they may be able to give you some better suggestions as they deal with the pain as you do every day , they will have some great advise for you & understanding with your health conditions x


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