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What to do when your mind can't stop obsessing about something?


Its like my brain is constantly looking for things to worry and obsess about, how can I stop the cycle?

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I can totally relate to you! If I solve one problem, I'm right onto the next. I'm sorry I can't tell you exactly what to do to help, sometimes if I start obsessing over something I picture a big stop sign in my mind. Or I get really involved in something else. I know when anxiety gets bad, it's nearly impossible to get your mind off whatever it is that's bothering you. I wish I could tell you a solution but all I can do is tell you I understand!

Hi Carly my brain is often in overdrive and just will not stop.. however what I did was read read read.. any nooks on obsessive overthinking and it starts to show you that you can just stop the thoughts.. one thing I read was when using and concentrating on any of our senses the brain stops.. one of these is breathing. and if you slowly turn your focus on to your breathing and regularly and slowly breath your brain will stop.. :) I have read so many books I got drawn to one by Eckhart Tolle The Power of Now and A New Earth.. changed my world totally.. good luck with this but trust me WE can stop the mind.. WE control it and it should not control US.. :) take care x

We all do worry that just in our nature. Worries kill try to think good thoughts, listen to some calming music and imagine you are on the beach or somewhere you would love to be, close your eyes take deep breath, even if anxiety steps in just do that. Good luck !!

Hi Carly, I've suffered from this for nearly 2 years & wasted so many sleepless nights you wouldn't believe! It's about switching your brain to something else. Depending on my concentration levels at the time I use breathing exercises, listening to music - particularly calming classical (which I have never listened to before)! & reading novels. When it's really bad & nothing switches it off, usually when my anxiety is through the roof, the only thing that works for me is a good pair of over the ear headphones (the ones that cut out all background noise) & an audio book on loud enough to drown out all those rambling thoughts. Bingo it works & calmes me enough to enduse sleep after so many months of laying awake with my mind going into overdrive! Then you wake up calmer to start another day.

Hope this helps, Sue X

Forget about yesterday,for it is gone.

Don't think about tomorrow, it is not here.

Instead open your eyes to a perfect gift... Today :)

I always remember this when things get too much.

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