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Lost job due to depression

I have just lost my job due to being off work due to work related depression as a result of bullying intimidation failure to make reasonable adjustments due to impared vision

I have put up with this for 4 years till I finally crashed all my pleas for support at work where ignored guidelines from occ health and I have been flaged as showing charastistics under the equality act 2010 and nothing has been done to help me

The union have been no help even hindering me to not having proper representation

I just don't know where to turn and get help

Acas and an employment advisor through the counciling service I am under have both said I have an open and shut case for discrimination

Basically I need help

I have 10 days to file an appeal where can I get legal help as the union won't help me not that I pay them £15 per month

Oh yes I work for a local authority

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Hello there, I don't think I can be much help but it definetely sounds like Discrimination to me. Please phone your local Citizens Advice Bureau and make an appointment, you need to do this now as appointments are booked a couple of weeks in advance, you can tell your employers that you are seeking legal advice, and another thing you can do is search online for an employment lawyer that gives the first 30 minutes free, there are some out there and they will advise your next step.

Don't put up with this, it's not fair and it's not right.

All the best.



I am shocked to hear your Union are not helping! I to was the victim of bullying, my Union were amazing, and I also worked for a local authority. My advice is to phone citizens advice bureau to get phone number of those who can help, trail the Internet also as I have found useful advice on there. Your Union sounds despicable and you should lodge a complaint, what do you pay them for? Someone who is suffering depression is genuinely Ill and you need help, go to your doctor and get him/her to write a letter supporting you. Although I am now retired no one knew of my illness when I was employed, I managed to hide it over 11 years. Do not despair there is help out there, spend as much time as possible finding the right help. If I think of anything today I shall send it to you later. You will succeed I am sure be strong. All the best.


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