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Hello... I wanted to ask you all for advice... (I'm turning 17 this year.)

I've gone to several doctors before (because I get sick with throat infections a lot) and I've had the majority tell me I should go to a psychologist because of how anxious I've looked. I get anxious, frightened, nervous often.. I think about things that shouldn't really matter but worry me anyways, I've had friends who you know sometimes go off and do their own thing and don't talk to me for a while and I always worry that they hate me, that I'm annoying (I usually have to have them reassure that I'm not, and most of the time they tell me they were never bothered with me at all, I just think it) I get nervous around people to the point where I ignore important things I have to do because I don't want to face other people, I'm afraid of getting humiliated, embarrassing myself and so on. Most of the time I worry about stupid things that most people would agree it is, but I worry anyways. For the most part, it happens when I'm not at home. I avoid having to do anything that would have me interact with other people but that also makes me upset because I feel guilty and feel that my friends/classmates hate me for it. I get headaches rather often and lately I feel light headed from time to time (it mostly happens when in school) I'm not in the best state psychically so I imagine it could also be that?

When my mind starts to panic, it's somewhat hard to make it stop. I feel a lump in my throat a lot of the times, and most doctors say it's probably from the throat infections but could it be something else? I've had a couple of times when I've gotten so anxious that I have had trouble breathing and my body itself started to burn and I would get all panicky (this has happened once in class, I was luckily able to keep from anyone realizing and a couple times that I've gotten sick where I got really terrified)

I've looked up my symptoms, and found that social anxiety disorder and generalized anxiety disorder seem to fit, could I have any of those? Or would it just be general anxiety that I'm feeling? What do you all recommend I should do? Is there a specific doctor I could see for this? Sorry for rambling or if anything is unclear..

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I do feel for you , you are so young & reading your post I can see you are suffering with anxiety & yes I think you could do with some help , maybe a counsellor or psychologist to help you to get to the root of where all this is coming from , I would make an appointment with my Doctor as they will be able to refer you & your life will get back on track a difficult age you are at as well at the moment but with the right support you can leave all this behind you & move on to a happy future :-) x


Hi! I know exactly how you feel... I've been seeing a therapist since last june and i can honestly say she has helped a lot. Try and make an appointment, i think it wil help you too. Go with an open mind and the desire to get better, have trust in your therapist and good luck. Bare in mind that it takes some time to heal completely, but in my case i improved from day 1. :)


Hi, my daughter is 17 and at college. She has Ben suffering with mental health issues for a couple of years. She sees the community adolescent mental health team here in Scotland which her Dr referred her too. She finds it really helps and the councillors have been fab and are just a phone call away. You should ask your Dr if this service is available to you. All the best xx


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