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Setback wL

Hi there everyone I have posted before, I am worrying about this lump/spot on the top of my leg on the thigh, it started about a year ago, as a pink spot thst come up, I thought it was just one of those things you get , anyway I went to the doctors when it started getting a scaly skin on top, and he said it was nothing to worry about, and gave me cream with plasters as he said it was a verucca hard skin thing thst people get on their necks, so I didn't use the cream much as the plaster kept falling off. Went back to the doctors 4 months ago and he referred me to a dermatologist and I am seeing him next week after waiting three months for a appointment,this thing is sore now as I have been trying to get rid of it myself with rubbing it with salt and all sorts of things, at the end of the day, I know it's something serious as I have googled online and they say if a lump goes scaly and don't heal up it's something to worry about. I am now really scared . About this as I am fair skinned and have freckles, but I don't go on holiday ,and I have never been abroad , yes I do sit in the garden in the summer and do gardening but usually my legs are covered, maybe it was when I was young I got sunburn ,anyway I have just got over the mammogram setback now I have this, I have book a week away in July for me and my husband not far away near the sea, and I don't know how I am going to get there as the thought of going far feels me with dread, I wish I felt better I have been really trying the last few months to get. A grip of myself, any advice would be appreciated. Thankyou

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hi blue girl youve definately been through the wringer ! its so easy to get caught up in negative thoughts what seems a large problem to you might not. be ! i would say that if there was.anything wrong the doctor would have had you seen by the dermatologist much sooner ! i wish you well and hope all goes well ! david


I know how you feel as I too suffer from health anxiety which it would seem from your posts you do too.

Lumps, spots, moles - don't get me started! Unfortunately for people like us there's just too much information out there these days and we pick it up and store it for future reference.

If your doctor wasn't bothered then trust him - he's had years of experience and would never let anything he had the vaguest doubt over slip by.

You've no doubt made the spot sore by fiddling with it. I've done just the same!

I'm sure you're fine.


Yes I know what your saying I think sometimes to have some faith in what the doctor says would help me,if I would,these negative thoughts are because I have no trust in people , but I I will try, what a illness this anxiety is ,


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