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Any ideas?

Ok, so I know I have anxiety issues but have only really just admitted it. I stress about the little things but particularly about health. The slightest thing wrong with me and I think its something awful which has been going on recently. I have noticed that I have been going light headed and dizzy on and off. The thing is the more I think about it the worst it is. It very rarely starts unless I think about it happening and more often than not it starts when I'm leaving the house or out somewhere although I've had it at home once or twice. The problem is now I go out I wait for it to happen so it makes it happen of that makes sense. Does anyone else have anything like this and/or have tips to help?! Its driving me mad and making me think even more that there's probably something wrong with my health when I know there probably isn't. Xx

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I know exactly your going thru! I'm having a attack right now, I'm scared and I want 2 go 2 the emergency room!!


Hope you're doing ok. Its stupid, since I've been home I've felt great so I know its all in my head but even knowing that I cant stop it happening. I found putting my head between ny knees then breathing really slowly in and out really helped to settle me then distract myself by getting up and doing something to take my mind off it. Just remember it is a panic attack, it might be scary but it cant actually hurt you. Do you know what triggers yours? I have 2kids that are at very demanding ages (8months and 3) so mine seems to be when I'm going out with them and i know I'm going to be stressed running around after them I public. Xx


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