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My anxiety and panic attacks have been so bad all weekend I can't shake it off and I am so upset it seems I have gone bk instead of moving forward why is this happening to me I hate it so much I am scared I am feeling so funny and like I am gonna drop It scares me feeling this way I am drinking more fluids as I wasn't drinking enough my temples hurt and my head is this all normal with anxiety I really hope so could do with a chat with someone

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Hello Marshall

Have you been to your GP to discuss Your ANXIETY.

One thing that concerns, how much are you drinking ??.

If you are suffering is it just your head feels a problem, sometimes people when panic attacks are a problem find that the neck feels stressed and you have headaches that affect other areas of the head, so headaches can be part of what you are. You are.

All I can suggest you make an appointment with the GP and He/She can put your mind at rest.

We are always here for a chat



i dont really drink fliuds as dont like water or pop really but have drank it this weekend i rang out of hours gp and they said it could my tablets have got in to my system now but might need changing abit to see what suits me better.i have been a few times to my gp and am going again tomorrow i always panic when i am ill so could be coming down with something aswell but havent felt like this for ages and now it just come bk out of the blue i really dont want to go bk wards i feel i wont get better yeah i think my head and temples hurt because i am anxiety and panicky as my neck does hurt but think i am coming dowm with a cold as my body hurts so much but why is it making me feel funny


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