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dont know what to do anymore

i was apparantly diagnosed in 2011 with borderline personality disorder at first i didnt take much notice but now i feel lost n at my wits end i panic n have anxiety attacks at least everyday sometimes lasting a couple of mins sometimes it can go on n off but feels like itscontinuosly there that near n ruthless together all over daft things sometimes ie i could be running late for an appointment so instead of hurrying up i end up having an attack which delays me longer then i dont bother going at all because im imbarrassed that im late why do i feel embarrassed when that person wouldnt have a clue why im late unless i actually told them. like i say im lost n dont know which way to furn anymore its literally ruining my everyday life can anyone help please

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Are you on any meds? X


nope i ust ta be but for some dumb reason i just stopped everything i ust to be on trazadone 450g diazepam omprezal


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