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DP has me weirded out

Okay! So I found the perfect way to describe how I'm feeling.

I feel like my body is a suit,cand not something actually connected to me. I feel strange around people, like the term "human" just suddenly means very little all of a sudden. Is this still Depersonalization? And I just feel like a stranger in my own skin.

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It sounds like depersonalisation. I get the same thing & feel like I'm not really present & completely foreign when social anxiety sets in. It's hard to snap out of too. I was told by a friend to practice the 3 x 5- pick out 5 sounds around you, see 5 things around you & notice the feel of 5 things at that moment- whether it's a pain in your arm, or the touch of an earring, etc. I haven't practiced it too much as I forget when I'm panicky, but I hope it's helpful to you:)

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