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Oxygen levels help

I'm 22 u have had shortness of breath for a long time about a year now I kept going to doctors to be told im ok yesterday at doctors I went after pushing myself to go I actually felt fine but when he did the oximeter it said 90 I started to panic he said breath in please I did about 8 times before it went up to 98 .

He sent me to hospital as iv had chest pains and arm neck ect pain .

I have been having semi blacking out periods like when I have been bent down for too long sat down for too long or cleaning ect or get up too fast now I'm scared this has something to do with it all along I'm now going into major panic attacks and terrible anxiety shutting everyone off my anxiety was just getting better now I'm falling to pieces again my oxygen stayed at 95-98 at hospital so they said they is no point of me been there and they will put a note for me to do them breathing tube things too look for asthma ect I do have asthma but mild I'm scared of copd or a cancer or something I have not felt right for a year now and only seem to be getting worse has anybody else had low oxygen with anxiety I have read that I will have had organ damage with it been as low as 90 god knows what else it gets up to when I'm actually gasping for air I'm scared of living I'm scared of the future

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Well I can understand why you will be feeling anxious & this will be adding to your problem & could even be the cause alone & nothing else maybe asthma & they are keeping a check on it incase you need a different inhaler or something but I am sure if they thought it was serious they would have run more tests they are professionals & trained so they will have known what to look for try & be reassured they would have not sent you home if they had any reason to be concerned

Do you smoke ?

If you do maybe think about stopping to help your asthma even if you only get it mild but will help in the long run & if you don't smoke well excellent this is all a positive to staying fit & healthy :-)

Maybe you could go & see your doctor again & if you have not already tell him what you are fearing let them explain to you now you have had these tests done that there is nothing that looks sinister with the results , maybe ask if you could have some counselling as your anxiety has got bad again & you feel you need some extra support

So many people suffer with this just by anxiety alone & the more anxious you are the more the oxygen we use making us feel short of breath etc

Stay as relaxed as you can , occupy your mind , listen to some music or watch a film to distract yourself , a hot bath , try regulating your breathing by slowly breathing in & holding for a few seconds & then slowly breath out again

Take Care x


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