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Hi all I don't post much put today I just have too. I suffer with graves disease and fibromyalgia as well as anxiety I am 54 years old and have suffered with anxiety most of my life . Don't no why just have . So today I go to see my GPS about strange feelings fast heartbeat. Dizziness pain in my muscles . And because the anxiety has made me nearly house bound my doctor announced y poo u have a psychological problem that can't be fixed. What the hell is that meant to mean . I feel so alone and angery. And yes suicidal

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O sorry to hear,I know where you are coming from I have had e relapse and waiting to see councillour again so had to get referal from gp,she made a joke out of it thought it was funny my anxiety was in overdrive,you just wish they could walk a day ,a week in my shoes to see how it feels ,don't do anything rash,I was upset as well,but it's them that has the problem,it's not our fault we are wired that way ,you are not alone ,I have started to talk to some co workers and they too suffer from anxiety,it's very very common ,but people are ashamed to say they have it,my gp said in meantime Do you want some Valium ,wtf,noooooo,so chin up ,try and go and see another gp there are some good ones out there take care xx

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Look up the linden method. The creator delt with the same thing of doctors saying he couldn't be fixed but now he's anxiety free. Doctors know suprisingly little on the subject of anxiety. At least, many don't.


Hi can I suggest you read up on benefits of magnesium for fibromyalgia. I do not suffer myself but I have started using magnesium oil which I apply to my skin . It is quite pricey to buy ready made but you can make your own my using magnesium flakes and still water. There is lots of info on you tube and websites . Good luck x


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