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Weird sensations

Hello everyone! I have a question do anyone every experience weird head sensations. I went to the Er but they didn't run any test but I was told I had a sinus infection. That was last week an it still fill like I have fluid running down my head into my ear. It come's an go but some days I feel it more than often. I experienced it once last year but the last couple of months it have been coming a lot more I just don't know what to think anymore.....I have seen some people say they experienced this with anxiety so I thought I would ask you guys!!!!!!

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Anxiety can give us all sorts of physical symptoms that feel very real & are real when we are experiencing them so much so that we can feel it is serious , but be reassured that if you have been checked over by a doctor & they can find nothing wrong it won't be anything sinister for you to worry about but maybe you can speak to your doctor about anxiety & see what support they can offer you if you feel you are suffering

Keep talking & reading posts on here you may find you can relate & not feel so alone with how you feel x


I had to get an ambulance out friday for head pressure dizzyness and shakes . I thought it was a major panick attack but all my stats bp pulse ecg were nornal. I went to a an e they said it was not life threatening and sent me on my way with some pain killers and told me to get gp to refer me to nuerolgy . I cant look at conputer for long or drive for above ten mins without my balance going funny and a head pressure ib the soft bits of my head ( above ears and base of head/top of neck ).

hope u are doing better now


Speak to a neurologists. Praying for you.


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