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Left arm pain

Hi! last night whilst I was sitting watching tv, I got a tiny chest flutter (best way that I can describe it) there was no pain just a flutter. About a minute later I got really sore pain in my left arm, it was on the inside about 2 inches above my elbow! I'm so terrified that it is heart related, I'm freaking out. The whole thing lasted around 15 minutes. This has happened one time before, about 2 months ago. Exact same thing.. I went to the hospital, they did 2 ECGS, a chest x-Ray and blood tests. They tested my blood straight away and then again 6 hour after. They said all was fine and that it ruled out heart issues. I know that I should trust the doctors but I just can't accept this isn't to do with my heart! Has anyone else ever felt this before?

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I had a very similar thing happen to me last night when I was in bed

The heart flutter & then a dull pain in just a certain part of my arm , but I have had this several times & the flutters can sometimes be indigestion I have found but whatever causes it the thing is you have been checked over had all the tests done & given the all clear

From time to time we will get a pain , a flutter & other things but because we have anxiety we focus in on them rather than just letting them come & go as someone without anxiety would do

Try & put it to one side , I am sure you would have had other problems by now had it been anything sinister x

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I have similar symptoms with the left arm pain. I constantly worry that I might have a heart attack or something. I went to the hospital many times. They all said it was my anxiety and it was hard to believe that my arm pain came from that know it was a heart attack symptom...

I knew beforehand that I had tendinitis and carpal tunnel. But the pain was not like either of those problems...

Trust me, it's your anxiety. Even though I still have my thoughts, it is.

Only thing different with mine is that it will last to an hour or for days. It was horrible.

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i felt the same as you, unable to trust the doctors for 7 months. i went in and out of hospital countless times only to realise my anxiety controlled my life.

it is your emotional brain causing doubt to your reason.

i also had what felt like heart flutters, or what was really skipped heart beats but i had them constantly.. and my arm also hurt, at the same spot you described. yes itdoes cause you to be anxious but anxiety can also cause all kinds of symptoms.

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Yes, for 33 years. Sometimes I have had almost constant PVCs/PAC( flutter, skip, bang, jump, hiccup, yada yada yada) Im wearing a month long monitor test now as part of a 5 year check up..... A lot of things can make these worse from anxiety to hormones. Dont let them get you down, if there was a heart issue they would have found it. You have heard of irritable bowel? This is irritable heart. Research, learn. If they havent killed me ( Once they lasted for 6 weeks almost constantly) they wont kill you. Im 56.

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