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So fed up

Iv heard so many stories recently it's scaring me a little baby died jus went sleep and never woke up and teacher I knew from school died in her sleep also I think. Iv heard about young people just going into cardiac arrest for no reason or undective heart condition I'm scared I know I sound silly but I feel like there's something wrong with my heart . Why do I have palpations all the time ?? Why me?? :( when I ask my cousin or someone do they get them there like noo, I always think I'm only 19 and think why do I get these palpations but really u can be any age . I got to see a caridoglist in March but maybe then it will be too late. I'm sick and tired or feeling like my hearts skipping me and racing super fast when all I'm doing is laying there

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Hello Kaylala

If the GP has arranged tests they are given to settle your anxiety and put your mind at rest.

With regard to you slipping this mortal coil do not worry I used to think I would not reach 40, then 50 and 60

Now I am 65 in a few months time and I am still here, I lost a good friend last year on His 65 birthday and believe me I am no longer worried. When my time comes I will not be able to do anything about it, It will be my time and that is it.

Mind you I hope it will be quick. In bed fast asleep, not waking up, in my eyes that is the best way.

So do not worry about it, live your life day by day and enjoy living. If like me you worry for 40 years just think all that living you have had and you are still around. We have no way of knowing what may happen


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Skipped heart beats happen to everyone but since you are so in tune to it, you notice it more than other people do.

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Yea I know the feeling, I'M so sorry ur going thru this! I wish I could put-up @ ease, I'M starting 2 get over my anxiety by just ignoring my symptoms! I pray 2 so if I do die I'M going 2 heaven! Idk I'f u believe in GOD but I'd u do pray 2 him

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I know what you mean....try taking your mind off it a bit ...its hard but I find it helps eventually xx


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