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A Very Ungood Night

Well. My sleeping this night has sucked. So, I'm fighting off this cold and my throat really hurts, feel like my skin is somewhat hot, you know, usual cold stuff.

Well then I start thinking. I start worrying and frankly, I cannot really remember it all that well. But I didn't go to sleep until 2am. I wake a at 3. There's a sensation in my throat that's freaking me out so I get up for some aspirin and try to get back to sleep. I'm awake until 4. I finally get to sleep but then start periodically, thanks to this weird throat sensation, I keep jolting awake. Like every five minutes! Then I have to sit up, calm down, and if that doesn't work, go on the phone to distract myself. 5 disappears and yay, more jolting awake, heart poundings, mini anxiety rushes that make my hands somewhat quiver. 6 comes. More jolting awake! I swear, it was like a second of sleep with jolts and freak outs and really really not calmness. Actually, the one time I really need sleep, ends up being one of the worst sleeping nights in a very long time.

It is now 7am, I've had roughly two hours of sleep, I'm fighting a cold, and this sick feeling in my throat is making me panic, but I'm not nauseous so I'm really confused, tired but can't sleep, need to sleep, so like.....

Is this normal? The sick feeling is like freaking me out and caused all the jolting. So now I'm on my living room with my mom watching tv and eating bread.

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I pretty sure it has smthng 2 do with ur anxiety. I never had a cold with it but I'M praying 4 u! Just remember it's all n ur head!


Thank you! Yeah, I think so, too cause it lessens a lot when I'm not thinking about it. But when you're lying in bed without distraction well, that's an invitation to think about it right there


most definitely anxiety! although i've never been jolted awake by a cold, i have however been jolted awake from my fear of death when sleeping...

it is normal to have that jolt to wake you up, i'm not sure the mechanisms that cause this but it is from anxiety and most people on here would have had it happen to them!

as to your throat, maybe it could just be tonsilitis that's causing the pain or just a simple sore throat that comes with a common cold!


It's not painful, It just felt sick. But now it's gone, yet I feel like I can smell something gross and it's freaking me out.


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