Does Anyone Go Faster?

Does anyone here, when going someplace public, walk faster in order to get out sooner? I'm much calmer in smaller stores, but in like, Walmart or the mall I'm like racing to get in and out and it's actually funny because I'm with my mom and she will be telling me to walk slower and I don't even realize I'm doing it. Though I assume it's quite common?


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  • Hi Traibooks, yes I agree with you, smaller spaces are much more comfortable for me too.

    I'm afraid anxiety can make you feel this way and we have to train ourselves to deal with larger places with lots more people, it's hard but it can be done. Be confident and slow your step all the while breathing slowly. Take time and it will get easier.

    All the best. X

  • Oh I am determined to eradicate this completely! I've done it before, but it's also just kind of funny. At how it must look.

  • I am glad you are determined to beat it, this is the beginning of agoraphobia, which my grandad had, he let it win and as a result did not leave his house for over 30 years, sorry to make the post take a serious turn but I just want to stress the importance of the determination you mentioned.

  • I've had agoraphobia. But I've come to realize there's nothing I fear that's worse than not living at all.

  • Yes, that`s me in ASDA, & any really big store, because these places are always packed & noisy, they grate on my nerves! Other shoppers make things worse by standing in the middle of the aisles, walking really slowly, & dithering at the checkout holding up the queue when all I want to do is get out of there! It`s like I`m in a zombie movie the speed that some people move!

  • Yes! I feel like I'm on autopilot when I'm in there

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