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Observing Anxiety

Okay, so the mall for me, is an anxious place to be. Once, I actually fast walked out. Anyway, my mom wanted me to go with her to grab something in there and I thought I could observe how I felt.

Well. Right when I walked in the door, I instantly felt sick. And my heart was beating really loud and by the time we got to where she wanted, my hands were shaking and my body felt like, super weak.

And my throat even did something weird, so it was interesting to see exactly how I was affected by just walking into a store and not being in there for more than five minutes and leaving. It was insane at how quickly my body reacted and how sensitive I was because I it he'd my nose and it suddenly felt like that itch was on my entire face, so I got to see how much my anxiety amplified my physical senses.

So that was kind of helpful. Now to just figure out why I feel lousy at home. I noticed I only start to feel really poor after a lot of anxiety and this week has been anxiety mania.

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hi there sorry to see how bad you are feeling it sounds like social anxiety as have you have


Not social, I have emetophobia, fear of getting sick.



It's quite unbelievable how anxiety effects us isn't it?

May I say congratulations for facing your fear, albeit you feel ill the next day.

I face my fears and I am fine at the time, but the next day is a different story, I am so tired, lethargic and feel down.

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Oh thank goodness, I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE WHO FELT THAT WAY. My gosh, can I just say, you eased my anxiety just by telling me you feel bad the next day. Sometimes, the next day I feel like I have the flu. Like, woah. I mean I'm so sorry you feel that way, but I thought it was just me which made me think there was something wrong but woah, guess not.


Definitely not, sometimes it can be Social Anxiety, or someone I haven't met for a long time, and even my ex husband. I think I am coping well, and then I am so tired, sleep well, and don't want to rise early the next day. I usually go for a swim as that relaxes me and gets rid of some of the adrenaline. is s

It is so good to post on here, especially when people can relate to our problems.

Eunice xx


You need to learn relaxation techniques, including breathing exercises as your 'fight or flight' system is in overdrive ie it's reacting to a threat that isn't there all the time.

The CD with this book will help


Taking anti-depressants and seeing a psychologist, who introduced me to breathing exercises has helped me a lot. You can't tell your body to relax - it has to learn how to do it automatically, via the breathing exercises and changing your thinking to not see people as a threat. Also need to avoid sugar.


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