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Need help and reassurance :-(

Hi everyone haven't posted for a while.. Thank you for whoever's taking time to read this. Okay so I've been having stabbing pains in my ribs and my left shoulder blade mainly and between my shoulder blades sometimes in my stomach but for the past 2 weeks now im starting to get shooting pain and dull acheing in My neck and down my left arm and in my left wrist and its scaring me considering I already have health anxiety especially about my heart. But that's not just it I have no idea whether I have acid reflux on top of that I always have a pressure feeling in my breast bone especially when I lie down on my back I'm not entirely sure what heartburn feels like but I think I get it too and all this together keeps making me feel like I'm going to have a heart attack or something I'm scared every day now seem to be facing a challenge with my body everyday the GP gave me omeprazole for acid reflux but after taking that I started getting really bad headaches and I don't know if it was a coincidence but I also came down with like a fever I can't cope with all of this I feel like I'm going to die all the time is anyone going through any of this ? I feel so alone especially when the GP basically checks your heartbeat and shoes you away I feel as if my GP isn't understanding towards all of this I know my body doesn't feel right I never used to feel this way and I just won't take that I'm fine for an answer I know I'm not, right now I have such a sharp pain in my left shoulder blade and that pressure feeling I hate this :'-(

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Omg I have the same thing happening . My doctor said i was fine. You are not alone I worry because it happens out of now are. But you are still not alone .:)


If your feeling those types of pains, you definitely need to go to the doctor. Do not delay! Better safe than sorry.


Sounds like gas, and the omeprazole is known to cause headaches and you are more prone to infections.

See if you can get tabkwts for gas pains.

Another thing, sometimes being constipated, can cause stomach issues along with back pain. Do you think you might be constipated??

The arm pain can be caused by the gas pains. I get a sharp pain in my shoulder that radiares down to my hand. I burp and the pain goes away.

Anxiety can cause a whole bunch of stomach issues which in turn can cause back pain and so on.

Hope you start feeling better soon :)


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