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Please help :(

For the last month I have been feeling stomach sick and I've been feeling like I have a lot of plume In my throught and it makes me feel like I'm choaking. This all really frightens me because the stomach sickness has been on and off but the feeling of choaking on plume is all of the time. I do have seasonal allergies and my mom keeps blaming it on that and the bad weather but I take allergie pills. My family also did just get a new dog a toy poodle about a month and a bit ago and that's when everthing seems to have started like it set my allergies off or something, but I don't know at this point. If anyone is going through something similar or had any input please comment, it would be greatly appreciated.

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hi chantel sorry to hear your feeling so unwell ! it might just be a coincidence that the new dog would be the cause ! if you havent already done so ask your doctor to test you for allergies at least then you will know whats causing it ! i wish you well and hope things work out !

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my daughter has 2 bedlington terriers , similar to poodles, she takes a antihistamine every day, she also gets the wheezy chest and cough, she is allergic to their fur but loves them so much, she is 42 and doesn,t have children. It maybe that!


Okay thank you so much for your input


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