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Who Here Feels Worse after Sugar

Okay, so I got tested for hypoglycemia a few months back and it returned normal. But I've eaten a good amount of sugar over the last couple of days and now feel flushed, hot and cold, dizzy and panicky. My mom has hypoglycemia but it has never been bad for her. She can just feel shaky sometimes and then eats protein and feels fine. My eating kind of sucks, so....

Can this be due to sugar? I hear it can make symptoms of anxiety worse.

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Sugar rush, then your body is trying to recover. To much rubbish can also make you feel like that.


Makes sense. I felt just really gross. Lethargic and just downright crummy


Yeah sugar is a funny thing :D I feel like that sometimes when I eat lots of sugar. My diet doesn't contain much sugar anyway so my body reacts to it funny. I decided to give up sugar a while back now because of what you mentioned that it can bring out anxiety. Now it's Christmas I just make sure I eat small amounts of sugar in a daily basis and also try to make sure it's early on the day not too late at night. :) hope it helped :) have a great holiday hope you will feel better :)


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