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Anxiety or real heart attack threat? (Probably anxiety)


I am 20 years old male. I do not drink alcohol at all and I do not smoke, but I sure do worry a lot and I do not excercise, since I do not eat a lot I am not overweight. For a past 5 weeks I have been suffering from anxiety combined with heart attack symptoms.

Basically I sometime have chest pain/ preassure which also radiates to left arm (not a real pain in the arm more like numbness). Also, slight pain sometimes occurs in other parts of the body, like back, neck, jaw or throat (only twice). I have visited a doctor, had EKG and general blood tests. There was something in ekg, but I did not ask the doctor, I believe it was a gap in one place, doctor said that it is probably an old thing whatever that might mean. Everything else was normal, blood tests showed that I have a lack of magnesium and potassium. So I assumed that everything is fine and it is only a lack vitamins(I am drinking supplements since visit to the doctors. But anxiety still gnaws at me because heart pain/preassure returns often and often it is accompanied by a weak nausea. Pain itself is not much of a problem since it is not strong, but other feeling cause bunch of problems, but I believe they are mostly caused by anxiety. So the question would be, shoud I be concerned and visit a doctor again? As I understand heart attack signs may appear weeks or months before the actual heart attack. Could it be that the doctor simply missed the signs, or assumed that that irregularity is old while it might not be so?

Also it might actually be digestion related as those are often diificult to seperate from an actual heart attacks. I had a few ulcers before. So I really need advise on how to act and how to fight this anxiety.

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Hi Sorry you're in a bit of distress :(

Anxiety can cause all that you are feeling.

Plus magnify the effects.

If there was that gap in the Ekg do go ask for a second opinion and preferably from a cardiologist.

If you were being stressed then acid reflux could be an issue especially if you had ulcers before.

Try taking in a few deep breaths and see your stress/anxiety cause and ask yourself if its worth the pain to continue, your young and you have a greater chance of it just being anxiety.

Hope you feel better soon.

Oh and low potassium alone can cause all your symptoms you describe eat avocados, bananas etc



I would get a second opinion if I were you! Best wishes!


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