I am not wearing hearing aids due to shame, What should i do

I am suffering from PTSD from almost a year now. I have tinnitus in my both ears. Hospital gave me hearing aids to wear for treatment of my tinnitus. But every time people see me wearing my hearing aids they keep asking me whats wrong with your ear. I felt so low, i dont know why. After that i stop wearing my hearing aids most of the times. I was becoming paranoid about what other people thinking about me. On my appointments with ENT I start telling them lies about i wear my hearing aids all the time. I am keep pretending i am ok and my tinnitus improving. but in reallity i my situation is getting worse. I dont know how i can find courage to start wearing my hearing aids all the time. Should i talk to doctor ?? I am on depression and sleeping pills. I am so confused. I dont know why i am hidding my problems from doctor. Need advice please


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  • I too was offered and Hearing Aid by my ENT in 2004, I told them I didn't want one and that was that, I also have tinnitus which has been with me for over 20 years now, around a quarter of my hearing is lost to tinnitus, do what YOU want to do, if you don't want an Hearing Aid don't have one, if you can manage with the tinnitus, the choice is yours to make, I only find that I miss bits of what someone says to me at times, I simply ask them to repeat it, most of all forget about what other People think of you or you will live only for them and not yourself, if you choose tohave the Aid and people ask what's wrong with your Ears, tell them, it's nothing to be ashamed of, don't hide things from your Doctor they need to know to be able to tell what treatment is best for you, live for what YOU want and don't be embarrassed to be YOU! Chin up.

  • Should i see ENT doctor and tell them about my situation. I scared they will get angry on me. because i waisted their time. So confused. This problem is taking over my normal life

  • You didn't waste their time Amar, you tried your best. As Anxman says ,do what is right for you xxxxxx

  • Amar, Tell the Doctors exactly how you feel, I am sure you will not be the first Person they have seen to be this way and they will understand I am sure.

  • I agree with anxman the'll know of others like you. wear them and if anyone asks say "if I had a pound for everyone who's asked e that..." or just say tinnitus. Don't worry about other people, wear them for you.



  • I still cant find courage to talk to doctor. Bur manage to wear my hearing aids all the times. I Have another problem now. Feeling my heart beat all the time. Feeling tired all the times. I am on sleeping and depression tablets as well. So wiered feelings. My eyes circles getting dark. My hairs falling very fast. And my tummy getting bigger and bigger day by day. I think its the time to see doctor now. I dont want to hide anything any more.

  • I have had a hearing loss all my life. Unfortunately we live in a hearing dominate society. I know it seems hopeless right now but talk you your doctor. they are there to assist with problems that you are having. If you are worried that people can see your hearing aids, just remember there are different types. Maybe ask if an in-the-ear hearing aid would be good. Personally I've always used behind-the-ear since I know how to maintain them. Some people mean well, but they say stupid things at least in my personal experience. I've been told I have an accent, I'm sorry the devil stole your hearing (it was an odd day), etc. Just remember that there is always support around you. Lastly, voicing your issues allow for solutions to arise.

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