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Has anyone felt this??

Last two times I had to stand up after sleeping I have trouble catching my breath i thought it was weird so I checked my pulse and noticed it was nitpicking up rate it was still slow like if I were sleeping and as soon as it picks up I dunno if it's my panicking or it really just goes off I tried telling the doc at the hospital but they kept saying its anxiety. :(

Has anyone dealt with this is it all in my head as everyone says

Then why the short of breath

And a jittery feeling

Pain in arm or jaw

Short of breath

I have been stressed/ anxiety attacks

And a whole plethora of other stuff could it be my body getting tired.

I'm usually hyper aware of my pulse and since the other night I have trouble finding it

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this is anxiety I have this 2

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I get that exact feeling all of the time. Its anxiety! Our mind is a powerful tool. I have trouble catching my breath, my heart beats fast, I jolt awake out of my sleep, I can't find my pulse or it may seem slow or sometimes fast, I gasp for air sometimes. I had a sleep study and was told that I am fine, its anxiety. I just want it to go away because I need a good nights rest! Best of luck to you my friend!

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I'm glad you were ruled out anxiety :) and not something serious.

I have stopped myself from checking my pulse and I havent a thing but my goodness it's a constant fear.

I hope we do get through this sooner rather then later.



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I'm going thru the exact same thing :/ I may have to have that sleep study done too. Glad they ruled out everything else for you 


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