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Hi all so glad I'm not on my own with this!! The last three weeks or so all these symptoms you have mentioned: light headed weak body as though I'm just gonna come to a stand still heart racing body shakin feel as though even talking is an effort!! I am so worried about it all it's ruining my life I can't sleep or anything I jus sit very still on y sofa scared to over do anything incase I have a heart attack!! I don't understand why this had just started?? My son has been diagnosed as disabled but this was like 6 months ago?? Can't think of anything else that is makin me anxious tbh!!!

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Hi and welcome :)

When my anxiety started up again a few yrs ago I would get the same I felt so out of breath by just talking, racing heart and just feeling like at whatever moment I was going to drop dead. But I was checked out and it was ruled as anxiety.

Kids can be stressful as is imagine with your kids(young or old) diagnosis it can cause you to worry about them and it will make you anxious.

Talk about what your feeling, write it down, just a way to get it out of your system.

Take calming breaths.

Don't try to focus on your symptoms distract yourself and try to think positive things, it really does work. :)

Come on here and join the chats.

Hope you feel better soon




Same with me. I had anxiety years ago but it was under control, no panic attacks for like 20 years. Then my 81 year old father with dementia moved in with me and bam! Everything's back. Also you said your sons issues were 6 months ago, it's not unusual for anxiety to hit well after events that might trigger them. Talk therapy, joining in conversations here and in some cases meds all may help. Good luck and hope you begin to feel better soon!



Welcome to the site, you will find some helpful suggestions on here. No wonder you are anxious with your particular problem. I wish you well and keep posting.xx


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