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Hi , I Brenn

I am new here and I have lots of anxiety, and other issues as well as ptsd, and wanted to be in a community that I can relate with others that can relate, I am 51 yrs old and have had this many years and try to live my day one day ata time and some are worse then others, be nice to meet and connect to you all maybe help me to open up more, thx nice to begin to meet you all :)

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Hi Brenn,

Welcome to the group :)

Hope this site will help as its done for many including myself

When ever you have a worry or help getting through an episode come on here there are always great supporters here :)



Hi Brenn,

Welcome to the site, It's good to be able to talk to like minded people and I hope you find you can open up with your problems. Nobody judges you on here.

I am 67 and have struggled with depression/anxiety from my 30's due to stresses in my life. I too live day by day, sometimes a full active life and sometimes I have to step back. x


Hi and welcome.

Hope you feel comfortable to post a little more about yourself



Im new hert I been having anxiety attacks for a few months now and I have the feeling that it my last day on earth and im scared to be home alone with my three yr old daughter by myself does anyone have any ideas how it get these fears to stop I want my life back to normal


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