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Gray Hairs?

Hi everyone. Im 26 and In the last 8 months ive noticed gradually more and more gray hairs appearing. Without counting i'd guess there could be 50? Anyway, I do suffer from something called vitilio which is auto immune and attacks the skin pigment - but i dont have it much thankfully only around my eye and on penile skin - so this shouldnt effect my scalp hair colour.

I had my b12 checked - came back within range.

Had cortisol checked it was out side the range 640 something and shouldnt be over 500 max.

Can gray hair be reversed? For example, if it was stress that's caused those hairs to go gray prematurley, would sorting my stress levels out turn them back to normal colour?

I've read that science is not far away from offering a solution for gray hair. Not sure if anyone else has heard this?

Have you managed to reverse gray hair? What should I do about it? Because I worry about things 100x more than I should it's really making me feel ill :( And im a bloke so it shouldn't make me feel this down and worried yet it is.

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I don't know if it works but following talks about how to restore grey hair to natural colour:


I don't know whether your condition would affect your hair, but I started going grey at 27, I'm now 41 & very grey, cleverly hidden by blonde highlights (I'm a girl btw). You could look at seeing a nutritionist to see if there's anything you can do in that regard, but it may just be that you are predetermined to grey earlier than others. Embrace it, get grey streaks or tips, or just dye it!


Suggest that you get hold of you B12 results and post them on the PAS forum.

The test that is done is known to be unreliable and the 'normal' range covers a huge grey area (no pun intended) - in Japan they consider you deficient below 500 - in UK it is below 150-200 depending on where you are. Current recommendation in the UK is to treat on basis of symptoms rather than test results.

Sumptoms of B12 deficiency are listed here


not exhaustive.

Grey hair isn't caused by B12 deficiency but there does seem to be a strong correlation.

My brother started to go grey in late 20s - I was late20s and 30s. Its down to a problem in the hair folicle and although they may have managed to find a way of switching the relevant gene back on I'm not aware of one.


Hi, this was my B12 result:

B12 Range 25.1 to 165 pmol/l

My result: 73 pmol/l

I will post on there too



You know what i would do. Accept it. Grey doesnt mean you're less of a person. In the long run you will feel happier.


Yes. It bothers me more than it should. It's as thought I have OCD. Looking at the mirror makes me notice them at night when they shine and it makes me feel really anxious and i now try and avoid looking at the mirror :( hate that it bothers me so much - i might have anxiety disorder i think.


I'm only 20 and I'm already starting to get grey hair.. personally I think that it's inevitable not to get grey hair so it's nothing you should worry over..

and stress is a contributing factor, or even getting damaged skin near your hair can cause the loss of hair colour. it can even be a hereditary thing.

but no, I don't think there is a way to reverse the loss of pigment in your hair? why don't you just dye your hair?


I noticed my first grey hair aged 21!! I was mortified. I plucked them out! i just put it down to raising 3 young children alone. It wasnt till i was in my 30's i was diagnosed with vitiligo started on my hands and has since spread to feet, legs, groin, torso, neck, its now working on up my face which I have been able to hide under my beard (yes im male) thankfully apart from my hand all are just patches or well hidden even in summer! Now in my 40's i went down the whole dying it but it was more hassle than it was worth. So I optedopted for a short hair style instead hides the grey better

good luck getting your questions answered


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