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Hey guys. I have an event im attenting tonight for charity. Live music food and a bar. Im twenty one and would usually lovethe prospect of going for a meal having a few wines and being with friends. But I am very nervous and its not even until tonight... im trying to stay logical and breath but its out of my area and I cant leave until my lift wants to and he is performing

So im nevous of a kind of no escape aspect of it. I cant keep cancelling and running away. I want to enjoy life again. Any advice ? X

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Hi this is a bit of a late reply as i havent been too good myself but i totally get what you mean i wouldnt be able to do it i dont think but i did wonder if maybe you could 3xcuse yourself for a while if things got too much and get some fresh air outside alone. Also telling the lift person how you feel may help if you could. X


Thank you. I went and it was actually very fun. But drank too much really lol. But atleast I went ! Really proud as I dont really leave the house anymore x

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