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Down hill again

Hi not been on here for nearly a year. I joined this site at my lowest ebb. Well I'm back. In that horrid place again. My problems are even worse now. As I said. On here before I moved to. A different place. Because. Of my son who's an alcoholic. Me and my 12 yr old I have. Anxiety. And absolutely. Hate this place. I left my old friends. Behind my son ended up. In prison I ended up taking. Him in again. When I swore I wouldn't well too cut a long story he's in prison. Again. Same old story. Through drinking. But since we've lived here my 12 yr old has gone. Worse he hits me smashes. Up my house. All because. He can't. Have. His own. Way he doesn't. Listen. To a word I say he swears like he has tourettes he's always. Been. Willful so it isn't my other sons influence. I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place scared of taking him docs incase they say I'm a rubbish. Parent I really. Can't. Take no more I live near my family and send him there when he starts but can't find a solution I think he has o.d.d as he has all the symptoms. Just. A listening. Ear or advice. Would be welcome. Please.

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Hi scoobyd, I can see that you've had a tough time with both sons.

I know that you are worried for your youngest, but you need to take him to the gp. If he needs more help than you can give him, you both need to know how to help him, far from any dr thinking that you are a rubbish parentl it is showing that you are a caring one.

everyone has a right to feel, and be, safe in their own home.

please talk to your gp.

Much as we care and would like to help, we can only listen.

We are not trained to help diagnose or suggest what it could be, your gp is - or he can help find someone who can help.

Please keep in touch, talk to us.



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Hi, just to say I have read your post I think hamble has given you sound advice. I have never been in your shoes, but it is no wonder you feel so alone. I can only re-iterate what hamble has said, you need help with your son. xx


Thanks its so hard I never had a problem with my 2 eldest ..its just hard telling a doctor my youngest is horrible to me when I do my best give him a nice home all he wants he goes on holidays with my family goes and stays at his brothers round the corner


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