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PIP.......... on the way soon

Hi all, I am getting worked up about this Pip thing that will take over from the DLA i haven't heard from anyone just yet but still its on my mind all the time just like the ESA was . I was put in the support group for ESA so they just leave me alone but i was told only 2 years and that was almost 2 years ago now January i think it will be. I don't know what to expect or anything , My condition has got worse since i was put in the support group not just mental but psychical as well . Well i wont go on just saying should i go see the Cit Advice or just wait until i hear from them ? Thanks and take care all .......

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Hello John

I think so many of us worry about this & are in the same situation with these fears

I believe anyone that is already placed in a support group "could" be left there longer than the original 2 years with the Atos now giving up the contract & I don't think until you hear from them anyone will be able to advise you , they no doubt would say wait until you do

There is a saying "no news is good news " or " let sleeping dogs lie " I would try & do both of these at the moment in this case

Here is a link for a Pip test that might help a little to see what you score

Good Luck x


Thanks for the link tiger , ya i hear what you are saying I had a home visit from Atos as i cant get out of the house very much and not very far Take care and thanks again :)


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