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Anxiety and atos assessment worries :-(

I had a atos assessment two weeks ago and it was awful .

I suffer from really bad anxiety .

I heard nothing so yesterday I rang DWP and they said my claim was still live and there was nothing in the notes about assessment and someone would ring me back .

This morning someone rang from DWP and she said not to worry and I had passed my medical but my claim hadn't been updated yet but I had passed .

I'm worried she's made a mistake and she might be wrong payment is due Friday and I'm worried it won't be there .

My dad tells me I'm being stupid because they wouldn't ring and say I've passed if I hadn't .

What do you think ? Am I worrying for nothing

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You're not being 'stupid'. You're worrying because you suffer from anxiety, which is (presumably) the reason you were signed off sick in the first place. However, apart from that, I'm sure your dad is right. They're not going to tell you that your claim is carrying on if it's not.



These assessments are a very worrying time for all those that have to go through them that are genuinely suffering & when we have anxiety it makes matters even worse

Be reassured they will have got it right , it does take the system time to update but your money should be in by Friday

If for some strange reason it wasn't ( which I doubt will happen ) if you phone that morning they will sort you a payment out to see you through , maybe if it will give you peace of mind & you might feel like phoning again on Thursday just to double check even though I am sure they will say the same but it might help you feel better :-)

Well done though going to the medical as that must have been a big ordeal & really pleased they have seen you are genuine & you have passed x


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