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Anyone having similar symptoms?

I dont really know if this is anxiety, but the symptoms I have are similar to what people are sharing here. So I was having heart palpitations and shortness of breathe at some point which lead me to go the hospital and have an ECG and a blood test which turned out negative, it felt amazing I felt good the same day.

The next day I started to have headaches and I overthink headaches that they are something else, I get extremely random anxiety attacks while having a meal or while with family in a mall, they are very random, it gets worse at night before bed, I overthink anything that goes into my body.

What I am feeling now is that I am outside of my body, things around me seem slow motion and somehow unreal and and my head is really tight. I feel like there is something wrong with me, I know it may be nothing most probably just anxiety. This is truly new to me, I never had anxiety, I had a panic attack a while ago which was really intense, thats what all I had.

Fear of dying is always in the back of my head, and all those feelings I have will result in death soon or may be a serious health problem that I have. Good thing is I stopped having palpitations and shortness of breathe, just head tightness, light headedness, and feeling out of body/slow motion around me.

Anyone shares the symptoms? I really dont know whats going on, since then I have been less social, Ive seeing my friends less and just sitting at home with family, it sucks but I dont really know what to do, sharing this here helps a lot especially after reading similar stories.

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Hi there :)

What you have described is anxiety .

Are you on any meds for this ?

I use mindfulness a lot, there are lots of apps online such as and headspace.

I use every morning and evening. I also keep a journal just so I can empty my mind and not overthink things.

Have you thought about doing talking therapies such as cbt?

This can help a lot.

Hope that helps x



Thanks for the reply, really appreciate it. I am not on any meds, I haven't talked to anyone about it, not even my wife. I think it is very hard to explain, and I always think it is temporary and it'll just vanish away the next day, yet it is still here. Does anxiety change the way you feel? I really feel things are slow around me and my focus levels decrease.

I will try to use what you recommended, I really dont know how to get out of what I am in. It came suddenly and its kind of stuck on me now.


Hi victor :)

I have felt like that at times in the past.

I would talk with your wife about how you feel, and then maybe you can go and speak to your doctor with your wife as support.

Ask your doctor about cbt, it was a great help to me.

My husband has been my rock also.

I wish you well x


This is me too ..i hate this i feel like a failure ,.this anxiety is crazy.,


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