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Brain tingles? Mirtazapine?


I've been getting these brain tingles for a while, ever since being on Mirtazapine which I started 2 years ago. It literally feels like tingles at the front of my head. I don't know if anyone knows of ASMR, but it feels like those brain tingles, they last for a few seconds. I've been having more recently, especially today. Though I have been to visit someone in hospital today and hospitals cause me anxiety. And I have been more stressed recently too. They're not unpleasant but they do feel weird. Anyone else get them? x

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I get those sometimes. Especially during anxiety. Or even if I'm not real anxious. I get like Crawly feeling on top ofu head too. Lol.


I get them a lot....and trickling sensations under the scalp...I put it down to the medication.....I shouldn't worry about it too much...every pill you take has some unpleasant side effect....x


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