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Finally getting some help

I've been struggling more over the past months with my anxiety and after numerous amounts of calls to the nhs and a trip to hospital I'm now under home base mental health team, I'm now on the waiting list for psychologist and some councelling for coping mechanisms with anxiety, after 5 years of struggling I'm finally getting the help I need :)

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Well done! I hope it improves things for you.


it does take a long time to get the ball rolling but hopefully now you will get the help you need.



That's good news, so pleased :) x


do you drink caffeine if so cut it out as it is the same shape molecule as serotonin, caffeine blocks the uptake of it this is turn leads to anxiety. also ground yourself go barefoot on the grass or beach for 15 minutes everyday this will rebalance your body with the earths energy and draw up electrons out of the ground also if you use a microwave stop using it as they are extremely bad for us,

try taking some borax combined with magnesium as your hormones are out of balance and borax helps balance them combining with the right amount of magnesium is also really beneficial, also research a raw food diet even if you just replace breakfast with say a vegetable juice/smoothie you will notice the difference

don't use a blender that is very fast as the heat generated by the fancy fast ones destroys a lot of the goodness that we need.

you are probably deficient in B1 and B2 so food that contains these nutrients will help, bananas with there skin (wash thoroughly due to pesticides) still on are great for B vitamins as is brown rice try different recipes and learn what nutrients you get from different food, this will fix you.

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Wow I didn't know that! Thankyou very much jinni I really do appreciate it xx


that is good to hear! :)

it does tend to take too long to get the help we need.


Good. Make sure you get every bit of help you can. I was given a student therapist so, me being me, I agreed with her all the time because I wanted to help her. Don't be daft like me. She/he is there for YOU! Good luck.


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