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Fed up

Well just came from my doctors appointment because I'm experiencing stomach ache,heartburn and generally feel crap and guess what all anxiety related again,I always seem to get on a even keel and it takes one thing and I've gone back again,been told to work on my confidence and change my diet and get exercise coz that will help,I'm in a vicious circle I want to lose a bit weight but when I get heart palpitations it freaks me out so I comfort eat and end up with heartburn etc and that depresses me,so sick today just want one day where I feel me again instead of waking up everyday to ailments because of this disorder,my life would be so perfect if this would go away x

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Hi lynne, like you im experiencing alot of similar symtons, been nearly two years now, various meds to treat diff aches and pains, i no it can get u low most of the time as every day is a battle, talk to family and friends about you, dont just say am ok, support is a great thing in this struggle, am sure you will improve, post on here as advice can be good, take care xx


I can relate to uou i suffered from really bad heartburn wich with omeprazol it healed and with a bit of a changed in diet it helped me alot because the heartburned used to have me feeling heart pain short of breath i couldnt eat and i felt i was dying but omeprazol did the job for me and well for the palpitations that was a big road for me you see palpitations was how i realized i had anxiety my palps got so bad that i couldnt stay anywhere with out having a panic attack as sson as i felt them every doc told me i had anxiety until one day i went into the er full blown panic attack thats when they saw my palps and heart rate they put me on beta blockers they worked for the palps but my body ddnt react well i just had a heart ablation and i no longer suffer the palps i mean i do get them but not as bad they dont send me into panic anymore i am suffering from dizziness but already have an appt to see a ent to see why my vertigo is bad hopefully they fix me lol i feel that we have to fix all the symptoms we have with anxiety if the tests come clear than we can convince that its just us who have to get over an invisible pain or feeling thats how i manage when my heart hurts i just say to my self ive gotten checked everything is fine and so on hope u find a way to cope thats helps u


Reading your post I felt like I had wrote it myself. It is so amazing how anxiety gives us all these symptoms. I used to go to the doctor on a weekly basis. I've had every test you could imagine ran and still the doctors don't find anything wrong with me. But, for some reason everyday I try to convince myself that something is wrong! Sometimes I can talk myself out of an anxiety attack by telling myself that its just an anxiety attack and I'm perfectly healthy. It also helps when I talk to other people that has anxiety; when you have someone to compare symptoms with it sometimes helps calm the anxiety down. I know the tips I just gave you are not much, but it does help me get through.


You all sound just like me. I am 2 1\2 years into my problems with the way I have been feeling, I have been to every doctor you can think of, and have done so many tests.

I finally got a answer today and I want to tell you please look into this.

I have done so much research myself and have educated myself because doctors just don't know.

I finally got fed up went to my doctor and insisted on certain tests. I gave her a list of tests I wanted to be done.

First of all make sure you all have your thyroid's properly tested. Most doctors do not do it correctly. You need to have a blood test done to check your Free T3 and Free T4 levels, also your thyroid antibodies. See what your levels are if just one even comes back high or low have a thyroid ultrasound done.

Also have your perathyroid checked this is also a blood test. Especially if your calcium level is high this is very important to check.

Have your insulin level checked. Even if your glucose level comes back normal insist on a insulin blood test. This is what ended up being the matter with me. My body releases a very high amount of insulin all the time. Causing crazy symptoms.

dizzy, lightheaded, blurry vision,sweating, brain fog, concentration issues, my whole body just feels off.

There is also a syndrome called pots syndrome look into this and ask your doctor.

Hope this helps doing research it's the best thing I have done for myself and educated myself. We don't need to live like this there are answers out ther we just need to find them.


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