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Dizzy for 2 years

Hi, I'm only 13, but I'm desperate for help. For the last 2 years I've been in and out of the hospital to find out what's causing my dizziness and to find out what can cure it. The doctors have no idea and I'm finding it very hard to cope with. I'm off school a lot, in bed all day. I've been wondering if it might be some sort of anxiety thing, I do worry about things, which does make my dizziness worse.

I just really want some ideas on how to cope with it, how to calm it down.

I drink lots of water and try to eat properly.


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do you have ringing or white noise in the ear ?


HI Maddy

There is a forum called that is aimed at your age group {11~19}.

Its very safe to use.

My daughter was given it from her school councillor :} xx


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