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I'm so scared I can't sleep:(

I haven't been on here in a couple months.. But for the last couple of weeks I've been experiencing anxiety.. I have shortness of breath my asthmas been acting up. I've been struggling to take a good deep breath in.. Chest feels tight. I've been feeling very dizzy unfocused headaches & tonight my chest right in the center feels like a not. I'm scared I'm gonna have a heart attack:(

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You won't have a heart attack, Hun. My chest has felt tight when very anxious and my breath quickens. But there'sno logical reason why that should turn into a heart attack. Anxiety symptoms are caused by adrenaline shooting through your blood and making the heart beat faster and breath quicken. If you have asthma then this can feel worse. It may be a n idea to speak to your GP, just to make sure your asthma medication is correct as this is very important.

Don't worry about having a heart attack as this will only proliferate the anxiety. When you feel like this, try to calm yourself, whether this means going away into a room on your own or sitting in te dark or going for a bath or a walk. Even if it only calms you a little, it makes all the difference. Anxiety can be horrible to live with. Are you on anxiety meds? They have helped me a lot. I don't panic quite the same.

Good luck xx


Thank you so much for your advice.. It means a lot to me.. I'm going to my drs today so I hope I feel better.. These multiple symptoms are awful.. Thanks again & take care:)


I feel anxious too, it's a horrible feeling but just know your not on our own, we are all in the same boat here, i hate it, I've been fine until recently when my partners been getting himself all stressed and taking it out on me, Nd now all I feel is low and anxious, sending hugs xx


I know the feeling you're going through. I just wish these physical symptoms would go away.. I tried taking my relaxer meditation my door put me on& I still feel anxious & jittery:(( hope you're feeling much better! Thanks take care!


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