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Could this be a sign of anxiety

Would it be anxiety if I felt choking sensation my bodys gonna fail on me,light headed,palpitation, fatigue, feel my foot and hands cold and hard, feel like forcing myself to breath, feel like I cant be left alone, cry for no reason,feel like someone kick me in the stomach, heart races feels like hurts sometimes, like tightness in chest, headeachs, everything is dream a like, feel like I'm falling when I'm actually walking fine, my body twitches and gets hard I had so many test and I come out fine but feel like I'm dying and I'm only 19 I feel like I'm really under pressure and not gonna last the hole day everyday but I'm still here. help

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I have a response which may be of interest to perhaps a number of people.

This may be of help to those who have a problem with anxiety.

Have you thought about the possibility of getting a dog, or another type of pet ?

I am in the midst of making arrangements to get a little Scotty dog. I had one when I was growing up, and I know their temperament suits me. They are great company, and at night they scoot down in your bed covers. It gives me a warm, protected feeling.

Just thought I would mention this since it definitely works for me !



Definitely anxiety, agree with the idea of getting a dog or cat, if you cannot have a large animal then how about a small bird, you will then concentrate on the animal and forget about everything else.

Failing the above get a relaxing tape, focus on positive things not negative, hope this helps.

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yes hun sure anixerty just same as you today having awful day dizziness to feel fighten ... how head feels but rest ppl said sure anixerty bless u xx :)


Thank you so much I do wish I can have dog they really help a lot and like I try not to think about it sometimes I feel like my heart hurts when it's prob my chest :/ I really don't know what to think bc it's gotten little worse then before but thanks for some advice


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