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anxiety stomach pain

hi everyone I wanted to ask do many of you suffer with stomach problems I have anxiety gad 24 7 its horrendous im housebound. but the worst of all is the stomach pain on lord its so bad I take tablets and nothing even ouches the side then I read that the most common part of anxiety was stomach pain stomach rumbling causing dioreah and even some people have wrote that they feel like their stomach is falling out I must say yes I suffer with all this and more please does anyone else

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I've suffered with anxiety for seven years,at first I thought there was something seriously wrong with my health. I live with stomach pain every day which radiates round to my back ,muscles are tense always . I know how you feel,sometimes I feel my body is not my own ,ive tried lots of different pain killers ,but that feeling is still there ,ive tried eating little and often and it sometimes eases it ,think sometimes the meds make things worse,I suffer with the symptoms of anxiety so bad sometimes,it frightens me. Hope you manage to get some relief sometime.


I deal with the same thing but my fear is apendix bad but is really that I'm afraid of surgery so I struggle every day all day I'm too scared to go to the doctor so I suffer


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