Lying on my bed

Hi, I am new here, I have been reading a few posts, I have been suffering from panic attacks the last 2 weeks. I have found that I have taken to hiding in my bedroom, I can't seem to leave even to eat, although I don't have an appetite, I haven't eaten a single thing today and I am not hungry. But my bedroom is the only place in the house I want to be, does anyone else have the same problem?


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  • Hi,

    You need to eat, even if its for a quick sandwich then eat it in your room. Taking these tiny steps will become bigger steps. Anxiety is a cruel thing. Don't let it win. Taking a bath or shower might relax you more. If you are in a bad way try singing in the shower/bath. It will take your mind off things. Have you got any help? Are you on any meds? Take care

  • Hi yeah I am on meds but only been on them for 4 days Sertraline 50mg but of course they take a while to kick in. I have come off the caffeine so I have a banging headache too I think I am falling to pieces. I know I have to eat I keep telling myself this but I just can't get the motivation or the idea of what to eat.

  • This is me too!! I am stuck laying in my bed because any where else feels unsafe and makes me feel sick. I also lost my appetite when my anxiety started to reach its worst a bout fove months ago. Leading to me losing thirty five pounds! I feel sick jist thinking about food. But not eating truly makes it worse. I try to eat light snacks every two hours or so. Fruit or a plain bagel. Build it up to a sandwhiche at least once a day. Thats What i did at least and i can tell when i do it, although very unsatisfying, i do a bit better with the energy it gives me. I eat just to live becausei have to. Wish i enjoyed food, know how you feel!! Hope i could help a bit.

  • Yeah it is nice knowing there are people out there that are experiencing the same thing, makes me feel not so alone.

  • Oh i can never eat..can barely manage anything. Because im heaving all the time :-(

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