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Fear of vomitting

How do i overcome fear of throwing up? Always had this fear. Its so easy for some people, but for me,its a big deal! I felt very sick this morning. Felt like i was gonna throw up on a bus literally. I started trembling and anxiety sets in. I used some of my mom remedies and started to feel less nauseous. I revived a bit but up until now i still fear that its possible to vomit still even though i'm not really nauseous.. i'm still obssessing over it. My anxiety has been high all day due to this and my mind is tired from the worrying. How do i overcome this?

Right now i'm just feeling so sick and fed up.

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hey well well I used to have a fear of throwing up for a different reason If I threw up I would think I did it because I have cancer or I'm dieing from a illness but every time I feel like crap and sick out of nowhere I can be completely fine then next day I feel sick and like hell i haven't thrown up so I just keep telling myself I'm fine and repeating it that im okay you just got to tell yourself your okay.


My granddaughter has this,she has had some counselling for it,and she always has strong mints to suck on,water to sip and a strong paper bag "just in case".she has never actually vomited with this,just the fear of it.

Hope this helps xxxx


Like you I am petrified of being sick, I will do anything to avoid it when I feel ill! I have had this fear since I was about 11 years old (I am 31 now) and I have tried CBT and that didn't work. I carry mints and chewing gum around with me. This kind of takes my mind off how I am feeling till I get though the panicking stage. I wish there was a way to overcome this fear, it takes over my life!! x

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Dude, I feel you! This fear has kept me indoors and away from socializing. I hear exposure helps but I think that if we ever have to face it, we'll see it isn't as a big deal we're making it out to be. (I have had this fear for five years, so I understand.) We can enhance things to feel bigger and badder than they really are. One person I read of suffered for this and when she eventually got sick at some point, she said it was just "unpleasant" but was not as horrific as she thought it would be.

Do not take that in a way that I think you will get sick. I don't! Just that if we ever have to face it, I feel like there will be more freedom than fear that stems from it after. Though I dread that ever happening. :(


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