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Changing meds

Hi everyone

I have been taking sertraline for months now ( on and off because I find side effects hard to cope with) I dont think they are helping and I am not sleeping. I sweat, shake, feel and be sick, diahorrea and have this horrible prickly feeling all over my skin. Its like having THE worst hangover you can imagine lol. My anxiety is on and off but still find it stressful leaving my home.

I have to see gp tomorrow and am thinking of asking him if I can change to mirtazapine. As I have heard it can help with sleep.

If anyone can give me any advice, I would be soooo greatful. I have a feeling my gp will just try and fob me off and tell me to persevere. I think ive persevered enough with these meds.

Love and best wishes to you all xxx Cookie

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