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Physical anxiety symptoms

Hi everyone,

I'm still suffering this dreadful dizzy,head pressure thing although I'm trying really hard to be positive! My dr gave me cetalopram which may be contributing to my new attitude:) anyway, yesterday I decided to move some crystals and a plant by my bed. I also brought my meditation CDs up and have been listening to them and lighting my candle by my bed.

While my symptoms are still there, I do feel a lot happier in myself as well as an inner calm.

It's hard when you have 2 little boys darting about the place but I'm trying to remember to breath calmly and relax.

The vertigo tablets seem to be making me a little worse I think. I felt a little better first thing this morning but took a vertigo pill like I have for over a week now and I suddenly felt the more dizzy than before I took it. I'll see how I feel when it wears off and decide on wether I take one again.


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hi willow, might be worth talking to your pharmacist to see if any med's clash. and your gp.

I'm glad your cd's help. :)



(I've started locking my posts to "community" now, I don't want people on facebook and twitter to read them.)


I take citalopram , and you have got to take care what other drugs you take with them .

I check with your pharmacist and Gp as to whether your meds are clashing.


These feelings are a terrible thing. I too have visual dizziness, head pressure, sharp stabbing pains at times, fullness in ears, numbness behind one ear, sometimes I feel as though my chest is so heavy and my heart is beating out of my chest like crazy. I also recently had a seven hour nose bleed which no one can tell me why. All I want to do is lay down which makes me feel so guilty because i have two young kids. I have had a cat scan with good results and also been to an ENT and told My ears and nose were clear. I am so frustrated but reading that others have these symptons too makes me realize I am not alone. My next step will be to a neurologist. I have read that some have been told anxiety and that makes me wonder. I have several family members with nerve conditions and anxiety who even suffer panic attacks. They too have the dizziness. I am so curious if this is the root of the problem. It is so hard to live like this. My husband has been great. His work schedule is 1-2 days in office and home the rest of the week and now i am finding myself scared, nervous and worried when he is not with me. I feel so weak on my feet and worry I may collapse in front of the kids. I pray to God to help me through each day and I am so grateful to hear all your stories. Thanks for listening.


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