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Not again

Hi everyone , I was having a good few week , then Saturday morn woke early with a real awful headache felt awful most of day pretty tired etx , now I feel experience funny heart beat I have been on iron tablets & also had to have half a sleeping tablet to help sleep in getting pretty worried is this anxiety I am also due my period in under 2 weeks haven't a clue will ring docs Tomo, tonight meanwhile do I take my half a sleeper I'm Soo worried prob won't sleep anyone experienced this.:-(

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It's probably anxiety. I had some strange heartbeats ( palpitations,, pulsing through my skin) which was scary as hell. I though I must've had something wrong but turns out it was Anxiety related.

If you have been under any stress lately then it could be that it's causing some if not all of your symptoms.

See or ring your dr though and talk through your worries, it's always good to get a professionals opinion.

If I was you I'd take your sleeping pill and try and forget about it until tomorrow unless you feel worse in which case call the out of hour's dr but your probably fine:) take care.. I'm going through anxiety (headache,dizziness,brain fog) and I feel scared too.



ThanXu willow , I'm trying so hard to relax & deep breath etc. I did have heart trace twice in may then when I went doctors early June it's great they say fine nothing wrong and you feel like this it's strange I'm hoping it is my hormones ha. How long have you had / felt anxiety are you on any medication ? Oh I forgot to mention I have a thyroid med only low that's another of my stresses I will full you in soon, il try rekax in bed before man & baby boy come to bed feel Soo nervous it's awful. Thankyou for talking to me need it so much.


That's ok:) I also have an underactive thyroid and take thyroxine everyday which I've been on for about a year and a half.

I've had some health scares this year (breast lump, hospitalised for suspected stroke, heart palpitations/ heart scan) they all turned out to be nothing which is great but left me with acute anxiety.

I don't often feel too anxious but apparently my body is manifesting my emotions into physical symptoms. I have pressure all over my head and numbness on forehead, I feel dizzy and tired.

I have 2 boys 5 and 8,, it really sucks having this:(

The dr's have given me propanalol to help anxiety and palpitations, cetalopram for depression and vertigo meds.

six months ago I had this and so was given MRI and angiogram and ct scan and all clear, but what I was feeling continued for 6 weeks. I've got it again and I'm 1 week in.. Let's hope it doesn't stick around.

Sorry to waffle on:) try and be positive xxxxxx


Hi willow , it's late I can't sleep neither can my lil boy , he skept earlier. Laid here Soo tired. I miss those lovely Eve's where I would be so lovely and tired climb into bed & sleep so well.:-(


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