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Anxiety+sleep deprivation+period

Okay, to the women! How many of you feel dreadful during this time of month on top of anxiety?

I dont sleep much and dont eat a lot on top of exercise and anxiety.

I feel so gross. Just yucky, like I have the flu. Heavy head, feeling like there is phlegm on my throat, tired, drained. Just ew. Should I go to the doctor's?

I also dont have much of an appetite. And Im so scared.i felr better last night because i didnt focus on it, but today im constantly focusing on a warmth in my throat or around my ears. I spent all mornng researching!

I get so freaked out i have some digestive disorder. I know my dad had it once but he scarfs his food and then lies down.

I dont do that.

Im just so frustrated.

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Sounds bit similar to my sisters symptoms she has tummy probs related to Anxiety, think good idea to see GP anyway especially to try and sort out heavy periods. I have Anxiety, and various funny symptoms along with thyroid issues, and had very heavy periods too , but had Meriana coil fitted couple years ago and dont have any now. Not saying you have to have a coil but try and sort out the right thing for you. Feeling drained could be as your not eating right and getting vitamins etc perhaps little and regular meals, again speak to GP as more qualified than me!! Good Luck x


Hi Trea, really feeling for you here. My periods were awful and they made my anxiety worse. It is a time when a lot of women can feel really rough. Sadly as with a lot of women's problems we're supposed to shut up and just get on with it, lol! I'm guessing that your excercising so much is your way of trying to deal with anxiety? If you're not eating very much could you buy a tonic from the pharmacist? I'm guessing that your tummy troubles are all due to anxiety,but I'm no doctor so can't say for sure,sadly. My main worry(you can tell I'm a mum) is that you're not sleeping or eating enough. With excercising on top of that you could get really run down. Please take care of your self lovely girl and youre the only one that can do that. Hugs Sam xxxxx

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The stomach problems have stopped. I just saw the doctor a month ago and my thyroid was fine. I went to an emergency center becauae i dont have a GP. Only thing she said was to just eat more vegetables...

She didnt even look concerned! Now i have an odd feeling under my tongue, but my wisdom teeth are.coming in so it could be due to that.


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