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m always having a hard time going to sleep these past 3 days have been really rough on me. I feel like im going to die. This morning at 3-4-5-7 I woke up feeling like my back neck head were hurting bad. I feel like my throat is getting a sore throat and I feel like my ear is plugged. I was gettin these bad shootingnpains in my left ear and my left side of my head and I started obsessing over it, now Im feeling itall the time. I thought at first there was a bug in my ear but idk I tell myself a lot of things. Idk any more. How am I going to overcome all this. I want to beat anxiety or at least get it under control so it doesn't run my whole life.

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hello,im having the same symptoms as you do.try to ignore it,it will pass.make yourself busy,i know its easier said than done.but that's what im doing.hope you'll feel better soon.always stay strong,God Bless.

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