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Strange Feeling in the head

I was diagnosed with GA but my question is about this weird feeling on my head. Besides lack of air and light headed 24/7 now after taking Zoloft for 2 weeks I got this nasty headache for 3 days, after that the headache got better ( medication changed) but the sore head and light headache (at night) all around excluding the front of the head (sinus area) is always sore specially when I lay down and try to sleep. Is like having sinus but is not sinus because is affecting around my head and not the front of my head like sinus does. It is not severe but is not getting any better anymore. I will see my ENT today just in case, but he will probably say is just Anxiety or side effect from Zoloft which I stopped using 20 days ago. ;-(

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Opsss, I forgot to mention that sometimes I feel like my ears are clogged even if I hear clearly.


Hi.How did you go on with ENT? I am so fed up of people saying it is 'just anxiety' as if it's not a real condition. Maybe you could let me know what happened and work from there.

Good luck.



Yes got back and they said I have swelling on both nostrils and that is besides the problem with the right nostrils which has a bone twist. I also have post nasal drip pretty bad. So as for that part of my symptoms are real, and not just anxiety. Now, this is what she found, not necessarily was is causing the strange feeling on my ears and head but it does explain part of the lack of air I have.


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