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Hi all: I've been experiencing this at night and was wondering if anyone experiences anything similar... During the day for the most part I feel anxious here and there my main symptom is heavy head, head pressure, anxious feeling in the gut of my stomach, dizziness. Symptoms come and go and decrease the more mindful I am to remind myself they are just my anxiety. Every night like clockwork however I've been experiencing the following: I am having trouble falling/staying asleep at night. Not because my mind is racing with thoughts, but just as I am falling asleep. Even though I am generally tired and genuinely trying to fall asleep I will awake just before falling asleep, heart racing, heavy head, mouth dry in sort of a panic. I notice I'm a bit better if I get out of bed but as soon as my body begins to relax and fall asleep I awake again to the same symptoms, this repeats for a while until I finally fall and stay asleep for the night. Really frustrating, any suggestions or similar experiences?

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Yes for sure. Your nervous system is on alert cause of your anxiety. It will pass. Trust me. Sleep well. Blessings and peace.


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