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Anyone find therapy helpful with their anxiety?

I'm 21, been dealing with a lot of anxiety latley. My anxiety symptoms center around my breathing and chest area, I have no idea what's causing it. I was thinking about going to see a therapist in hopes we could figure out what's causing all this. I feel like at the age of 21 I shouldnt be going through this :/ it's absolutely terrible and some days I feel like I'm gonna end up in the ER or dead.

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I'm going through something similar to you! I'm hypersensitive to the tiniest sensations/feelings in my body ever since I developed anxiety, and I always get pain in my shoulder and chest and I'm very conscious of my breathing. I'm only 20, so not much younger than you at all! and I also feel like everyday will be my last, it's a pretty daunting thought but that's probably what goes with it and everyone will experience anxiety and the symptoms differently.

I'm seeing a psychologist at the moment, and yes it does help, for me it helped a lot because I could talk to someone about what I was thinking, how I was feeling without being laughed at or get given weird looks and thoughts at. That being said, I also have panic attacks too, and everything my psychologist tells me and teaches me on how to manage the anxiety doesn't always help, sometimes I have to just battle through it and wait until it goes away. so for me, it does help to an extent, the rest is just something I have to deal with. That's why forums like this are so helpful too! without trying to seem selfish, it's comforting to know you're not the only one that is going through it.


Hey mate,

I went though almost exactly the same.

I had therapy, self help CBT and learned relaxation techniques.


I'd see my GP first or/and present at your nearest hospital A&E when you are in physical difficulty. Problems with breathing and chest pain can be serious. ... I suffer with anxiety and bouts of depression and was advised to have CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy). It was a group experience that did not work for me - I hated it. I'm sure some people find it useful but certainly not me. A one-to-one therapeutic encounter may have been better??? ... I presented at A&E with breathing difficulties and chest pain and was vigorously examined. My immediate problems were physical - I still had mental health issues but can only handle one thing at a time. I'm feeling much better now under medical supervision. ... See a doctor and good luck.


It will be good talking to someone, as you need to find out why you are anxious.

Take things easy, dont put yourself into pressure situations.

Enjoy your life do things you enjoy! keep busy socially, have hobbles.

Hope you work it out ok.

Best keep off meducation if you can, because you will end up relying on it,

Good Luck.


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