I cant stop worrying

Hi.....I'm 39 and I cannot stop worrying...I have pains in my chest and under my left ribs..I have imagined that alot is wrong with me.....I went into the doctor surgery today to ask for an appointment and panick came over me and I couldn't breathe right...I feel like if I see a doctor they will tell me something is really wrong with me..I have suffered pancreatitis in the past...I no longer drink alcohol but I am now addicted to painkillers......I'm so scared that there is something wrong like pancreatitis again and they tell me I can no longer take the painkillers......I go on holiday in two weeks and I'm not a great flyer and now that plane crashed I keep thinking something will happen to my plane.....I have been crying alot and am so scared that I'm going to be told im dying or something........I'm not eating...I'm so so scared.......plz help xx


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  • Hi Cara

    Hope you feel a little better. I suffered pancreatitas 6 years ago due to gallstones. I don't drink alcohol but I was not a heavy drinker before I had my gallblader removed. I didn't have pain on my left side under my ribs mine was right side. Is it anxiety I suffered with panic and the same thoughts as you last year when I was going to fly to Hong Kong Xmas. I went to my doctor who gave me citalopram they were a life saver. What painkillers are you addicted to? Do you have an appointment with your GP soon. You take care. Xxx

  • I'm addicted to dihydrocodeine.....I couldn't stand it any longer and got myself to the doctor yesterday..........it turns out I am really badly constapated......wat a relief.........thank u for. Replying........it helped me gather the strength to go to the doctor.....xx

  • Hi Cara

    I'm glad you went to the doctors that's a relief for you. You go and have a nice holiday and enjoy yourself. Where are you going nice? Xx

  • Hi Cara,

    That's what a panic attack is... an irrational physical response to a perceived danger. More than likely there is no danger there at all. We just think there is. Having said that, I am guilty of having that irrational physical response too, so I know what it's like.

    You must not be scared to go see the doctor. I had a panic attack in the waiting room once, but I controlled it and once the doc said everything was ok, it was like the clouds cleared double time and the sun came out!

    If there is something wrong, you must know, it's far better to get it out and get it treated ASAP, then not to go to the doctor's and let it get worse. That's ONLY IF there is something wrong, I'm not suddesting there is with you.

    Flying really is THE SAFEST form of transport. I know, tell that to those people, so tragic. We Aussies, lost quite a few on that flight. But make no mistake, that incident was not a mechanical fault or pilot error or anything like that. It was an act of war, murder, nothing less. You hear about EVERY plane crash in the world, but do you hear about EVERY car crash?

    You can't let this monster called anxiety win the war. You must eat, you must sleep. You must relax, and breathe calmly and slowly. Stay in the present, not the past or the future. You musn't be scared to go see the doctor. Knowledge here is power to fight it.

    Hope you're doing better, and stop googling your symptoms!


  • Hi I have exactlythe same symptoms as you it gets worse when I lie on my front flat and on my bwck flat sometimes with some movement. My doc has thought pulled muscle then something to do with my digestive system and now because I had problems with my left kidney in the past they sent me for a scan which showed what could possibly be a little stone sitting in my kidney aswell as a little fluid. I have got a gynecologist appointment in 2 weeks to look into it properly but now im even more worried thinking the worst all the time. I hope you get yours sorted soon x x

  • Turns put in very constipated.........thank goodness it was that.......banks for sending ur story.......xx

  • im going away in two weeks to an im soo scared like anxiety is telling me im gona freak out go mad an end up in a mental home or something i wrote it up its called vaction anxiety i hgave no1 to help me im so scared its unhuman im such a freak i hate not been able to enjoy going on it insted of worrying :(

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